More Protein for Breakfast

Your morning meal influences your diet the rest of your day.  The American Council on Exercise lists breakfast as one of the most important meals for weight-loss. By skipping breakfast, you’re basically creating metabolism suicide.  Metabolism slows when you sleep and breakfast speeds up metabolism in the morning when you wake.  Many people who end up skipping breakfast end up just slowing their metabolism, as well as consuming more calories through out the day by having larger portioned lunches and dinners.  When grabbing breakfast though, it’s important to be sure to make smart, healthy choices.  Don’t just reach for a high-fat granola bar.  This will only offset the the benefits of eating early.  Instead, if weight loss is your ultimate goal, choose a breakfast that’s high in protein.

We all know that weight-loss occurs when caloric expenditure exceeds caloric intake.  This can be achieved through dietary restriction and exercise.  The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that dietary restriction is better than exercise alone though.  A high protein breakfast promotes weight-loss by supporting dietary restriction.  This is because protein digests slowly which helps maintain that feeling of being full.  So start making good decisions in the morning for breakfast. If you don’t eat, START & choose something high in protein such as eggs or low-fat/greek yogurt instead of a carb-loaded bagel for breakfast from here on out!


American Council on Exercise: Don’t Skip Breakfast to Cut Calories

American College of Sports Medicine: Appropriate Physical Activity Intervention Strategies for Weight Loss & Prevention of Weight Regain For Adults


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