Strong Shoulder Routine

Here’s a quick shoulder routine I like to use myself, and for my clients.  It’s a mixture of multi-joint, shoulder, & core exercises so it’ll hit just about everything & give you a good calorie burn.  Repeat the circuit 3 times for a total of 3 SETS. Enjoy!

Reverse Lunge + Single Arm Dumbbell Press:   12 reps/side

Start standing with one dumbbell in your left hand.  Arm should be bent as if you had just curled the dumbbell, palm facing in for a neutral grip.  Lunge backwards with your right leg, keeping dumbbell in the same position.  As you step your right foot back together with your left, press the dumbbell up overhead for a press.  Be sure to exhale as you step together & press up.  It should be one motion.

Elbow Planks + Hip Extension:   20 reps total

While maintaing an elbow plank (keep your core tight!), lift one leg straight up & exhale & squeeze your glute as you do.  Be sure to keep your leg straight and try not to arch the back at all.  It’s not about getting your leg up as high as you can, but more so just about lifting the leg while maintaing good core control & glute contraction.

Standing Lateral Raises: 12 reps

Standing upright with a dumbbell in each hand, exhale as you raise them up to shoulder height at the same time.

Rest for 45 seconds then get going on the next set!


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