Quote of the Month

We all know that nothing comes easy.  Anything we want, we have to work hard to get.  This can be work-related, fitness related, or even just related to our daily occurrences in life .  I truly believe that the one thing that separates those who get what they want, & those who fail to get what they set out to obtain is the discipline that is displayed in efforts to achieve these goals.

This is one of my favorite quotes from Jim Rohn’s, Success Strategies: Seven Keys to Wealth & Happiness…


Discipline is the bridge between thought & accomplishment.  You can tell yourself everyday that you want to lose 15 pounds.  What’s stopping you from accomplishing this goal? It’s your discipline.  Stay discipline and you will not fail.  The opportunity for you to succeed will be right there within your reach.

So you worked out 5 times this week, great.  How was your diet?  Did you eat pizza one of those nights or did you stick with the grilled chicken, brown rice, & broccoli dinner that you know you should have had instead?  In order to reach this goal of dropping 15 pounds, discipline needs to be displayed in all areas that are related to achieving it.  That would include diet, exercise, sleep, etc.

Take note that repeating today’s small failures can put your life into a disaster & set the tone for tomorrow & the future.  Your overall goal is to implement a lifestyle through your discipline & good habits.  A lifestyle of discipline that will then, in turn, turn into a life full of success & accomplishment. Get at it!


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