Back/Leg Circuit

Circuit training is a great way to get the most out of every workout, especially if your goal is to burn fat. Here’s a workout to try next time you hit the gym.  Emphasis is on back & legs.  Each circuit will contain one exercise for back, & one for legs; this way you can alternate between the two exercises with no rest in between & you’ll keep your heart rate elevated.

1.  Speed Squats (20)

     Supine Rows (12)

2. Walking Lunges (20)

     Seated Single Arm Row (12)

3.  Kettlebell swings (20)

     Pullups (assisted if necessary) (12)

4. Sprints; Sprint 1 minute, Recover for 90s x 6

(Recovery should still consist of a jog; it should be comfortable enough so that your heart rate goes down before you start back up with your next sprint)

Repeat each circuit 3 times before you start the next.  Rest 90 seconds in between each circuit (depending on fitness level, if you need to modify & increase your rest interval, that’s fine).


  • Speeds squats are called speed squats for a reason; they should be done fast
  • The more parallel you are to the ground for the horizontal bar rows, the more challenging it will be (therefore, challenge yourself & if you start to struggle half way through, just make the adjustment)
  • Make sure you’re not pushing off using your toes when you lunge.  Focus more on pushing up through your heels & your get more glute activation (same goes with the speed squats)
  • Be sure you’re siting up straight for the single arm rows. Core should be tight so you are resisting the twist as you pull your arm back.  This will isolate the correct muscles we’re trying to work.
  • See my previous post on kettlebell swings for correct form.
  • Make sure your upper traps are relaxed during pullups.
  • Be sure you include a dynamic warm-up before you start, as well as a cool down/stretch following the workout.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or even if you just want to let me know how the workout went! : )


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