Standing Cable Woodchops

Standing cable woodchops are easily one of my favorite exercises for building good core strength & stability.  It’s an excellent rotational exercise for the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, & obliques, as well as a very functional movement to perform.

If you play golf, tennis, baseball, softball etc., and don’t include woodchops into your routine, I’d suggest incorpoating them.  The rotational movement with added resistance will help improve your swing if done properly.  Even if you don’t play sports, adding woodchops and other rotational patterns into your routine will benefit you greatly.  Many of us spend so much time moving forwards and backwards in what is known as the sagittal plane. Incorporating exercises that are in the tranverse plane, consisting of  rotational movements (as well as the frontal plane which I’ll discuss in a later post), will help to prevent possible injuries down the road, as well as allow for more muscular balance.

To Perform:

  • Stand with feet about shoulder width apart
  • Grip the cable with whichever hand is closest to the cable (or the inside arm); the other hand will grip over that hand
  • Begin the movement then by tightening your core and rotating your trunk as you pull the cable away from the machine starting high & then pulling down low
  • Pivot the inside foot as you rotate your torso then return back to start position


  • Be sure to exhale as you chop downward and inhale on the release
  • Use your core strength to control the weight on the release as well
  • Be sure to pivot the inside foot to allow for full hip & torso rotation

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