Travel Circuit Routines

It’s summertime, and  to many, this is prime vacation time.  Even though it’s swimsuit season, many people still have a hard time sticking to their normal workout routine due to hectic work/travel schedules.  So if you were going to use the fact that you are going on vacation and going to be away from the gym as your excuse for not working out, think again. I have 3 different circuits here that each target your major muscle groups that you can use when traveling and have very limited equipment. 


3×15 Burpees + Jump (regular burpee with an added squat jump when you come back to standing for each rep)

3×15 Tricep Push Ups

3×10 Push Up Plank Knee Ins with Hip Extension (In a push up plank position, lift your left leg up squeezing your left glute.  From here, drive the left knee into your chest and then extend it back out.  Repeat this 10 times then switch to the right leg.  Remember:  during the 10 reps, the leg never touches the ground so that your glute is engaged each time you extend it back.  Also, be sure that you are not rocking forwards and backwards as your knee drives in & out.  Keep the upper body & core stable throughout the movement.                                                                         


Sprint 1 min, jog for recovery for 90s (Repeat 6 times for a total of 15 minutes.  Be sure to include a 5 minute warm up & cooldown)

Reverse Lunges + Balance (Start feet together then step the left foot back for a reverse lunge.  Left leg should be at a 90 degree angle for the lunge then exhale and drive the left knee up so that you are balancing on the right left.  Squeeze the right glute & keep your core tight to find better balance and stabilizaion.  From the balanced position, take the left leg straight back to the reverse lunge again.  Burn out the left leg first so 15 lunges on the left followed by 15 on the right).

3×15 Leg Lowers (Lying with your back on the mat, start with your legs extended straight up in front of you. If you have extremely tight hamstrings realize that you may not be able to get them straight up.  From here, lower them down to the floor slowly focusing on keeping your core tight.  If you start to feel it in your lower back, immeditely exhale & raise them back up.  If not, lower them as low to the floor as you can without having for feet touching then exhale as you raise them back up for one rep). Note: Your back should not arch as you lower your legs down.  Instead you should be stable throughout your entire trunk.

3×15 Side Plank w/ Crunch (Holding a side plank position…that would be stabilizing yourself on one elbow, shoulder being aligned directly above the elbow, lift your hips up off of the mat as you exhale and drop them down on the inhale.  Be sure you drop down in a controlled manner rather than just falling.  You will feel this in the obliques).


3×15 Step Ups on a Bench (or even park bench if outside)

3×15 Lateral Band Walks (Put the exercise band around your ankles.  Keeping your core tight step laterally with your right foot then bring your left foot to meet the right.  Repeat 15x on each side.  Be sure to make sure you step with your hips and toes facing straight forward so that you are not opening up your hips or externally rotating your leg.  This way you will get more glute activation!).  These are super cheap and great to have…

3x45s Resistance Band Rows (If you’re in a park, wrap the band around a pole or fence.  Exhale as you pull the band back for a row). If you don’t have any resistance bands, these work great…

So next time you’re traveling, you have no exuse not to workout.   All of these can be done without the use of dumbbells, cables, etc.  Of course, if you do have access to dumbbells, you can certainly incorporate them in the workouts as well.  Enjoy! : )


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