Quote of the Month

“As within, so without.”

By this, I simply mean that our outside world is a direct reflection of our inside world. Consider it  a mirror, a result, of our inner world. Therefore, if you want to change your outer world, you need to change your inner world.

The one thing in life that we, as humans, have complete control over is our thoughts. Changing our inner world starts with changing our thoughts.   Almost everything that occurs in our lifetime is directly realted to our thoughts or the way we view things.  Our thoughts will determine our feelings, our feelings will in turn,  determine our actions, and our actions will determine our success. 

This goes hand & hand to the law of cause & effect stating that for every effect in our life, there is a cause.  Knowing & understanding this law should give us a complete sense of control because we understand that we are the ones that control our thoughts (thoughts being our causes and conditions or outcomes of those thoughts, the effects).

Therefore, in order to have positive outcomes in our life, we must start with postitve thoughts.    Think that you will be successful and you will be, think that you can lose weight and you will lose weight.  If you don’t think that you can, you can’t and you won’t.  In addition, your thoughts will also have an effect on the type of people you are surrounded by.  If you think unhappy, angry thoughts, you’ll attract unhappy, angry people.  If you think success, you’ll be surrounded by successful people.  None of this has anything to do with luck, it ALL has to do with your thoughts. You will become what you think about.   The inside is the part you can control, and the external you can, but ONLY by changing the inside workings.  If you change your thinking, you’ll change your life.


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