Switch to Ezekial Bread

Ezekial bread has been gaining more & more popularity lately.  Why?…

Well for starters, one slice contains:

80 calories

4 grams of protein

15 grams of carbohydrates

3 grams of dietary fiber

1 gram of fat

75 mg of sodium

80 mg of potassium

The nutritional value here explains in itself why it’s a better choice than any other type of bread.  Not to mention the exact ingredients used to prepare this bread which include wheat, spelt/rye, millet, barley, lentils, great northern beans, kidney beans and pinto beans. Now how healthy is that! With all the grains and legumes combined together to make this bread, the amount of protein available is almost equivalent to that present in milk & eggs.  Oh, did I mention the bread is also flourless and completely organic?

The benefits of this bread are endless.  If you’re on a weight loss regimine, the high fiber content of this bread will be great for you.  In addition, there are no trans fats & the sodium content is much lower here than compared to other breads.  The low glycemic index also makes it suitable for people who need to keep their blood sugar levels in check as well.  Studies have also shown that the proteins in ezekial bread contain all the 9 essential amino acids required by our bodies.

This bread is most commonly manufactured by a company called Food for Life.  You could find it at your local Whole Foods (most likely in the frozen food section because it has no preservatives & therefore has a very short shelf life), other health stores or you can order it through their website…



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