Quote of the Month

The Dali Lama, when asked about what surprised him most about humanity said…

“Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.  Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.” 

Simply put, those who sacrifice their health for money now, will  be sacrificing even more money on their health later on down the road due to the unhealthy state they put themselves in. 

We only get one body.  Why wouldn’t we chose to take extra good care of it?  I like how one of my fellow co-workers put it.  He said, we’re not like new cars.  When you buy a new car, the second you drive it, it’s value/worth goes down.  As we “drive” our bodies through life, our value/worth (in this case meaning health) does not have to depreciate.  We should be making decisions each day that will affect our health in a positive way.  This could be both mentally & physically.  If we don’t, somewhere down the road we will regret it. 

Take care of yourself now and put the time and money into your health.  This could be by joining a gym, hiring a trainer, and/or making sure you are regularly seeing your doctor when need be.  By doing this, you’re investing money in your health, and I’m pretty sure (ok, no I’m POSITIVE) that’s one of the best investments you could possibly make.

 Our body, our health, our physical well-being should be NUMBER ONE on our priority list.  So many times we make excuses not to work out and not to take care of our health. 

My suggestion:  Look for balance in your life. 

Make sure you are creating a balance between work, your family, friends, etc.  In addition, you should give yourself  “me” time where you are able to partake in some sort of  activity that brings you joy.  Find that balance sooner rather than later.  Don’t be the person who sacrifices their health for money or something else you think is more important.  Nothing should be more important than you and your own health!


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