Stop Buying Processed Foods!

Currently, approximately 90% of the money Americans spend on food is used to buy processed foods.

Go to your food pantry or refrigerator and take out all the packaged foods you have in your kitchen and take a look at the nutrition labels.

1. How many words are you unable to pronounce?

2.Which of these ingredients have you never heard of/have no idea what they are?

Here’s a little advice for you:

1.  If you can’t pronouce a word on the label, don’t eat it!  There’s a good chance it’s composed of some type of chemical that your liver is going to have to detoxify & your liver won’t like it.

2. If it’s a non-food, don’t eat it! Paul Check defines a “non-food” as any food that costs more in nutrition to digest, absorb & eliminate than it delivers to your body. Many people forget that there is a cost to metabolize anything you put in your mouth.  Examples of “non-foods” would be candy, cookies, soda, processed sandwich meats, white bread, white flour, or ANYTHING PROCESSED.

3. The longer it lasts on the shelf, the worse it is for you! Most things in nature will not last more than a few days once picked or killed for consumption.  To increase a products shelf life, that product is simply stripped of it’s enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

4.  Never eat anything with “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated oils/fats” in it!  These are cooked fats that have been altered in a way that make them very hard to digest, as well as being damaging to the body.  This form of fat does not occur naturally in nature, and in fact, chemists say the molecular structure of hydrogenated fats resemble plastic more closely than food!

5.  Avoid food products with the word “enriched.”  Foods are only enriched because they were completely killed & stripped of their nutrients during processing.

6.  Avoid eating anything that has been genetically modified!  Genetically modified foods consist of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s.  A GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic enginieering techniques.  Here’s an interesting quick read regarding GMO chickens…

Hopefully this gives you some insight regarding processed foods and the negative effects they can have on our health.  Next time you go grocery shopping, make an attempt to fill your cart with more fresh produce (fruits, vegetables etc.) rather than processed, packaged “non foods!” : )

References: Paul Check : “You are what you eat.”


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