High Intensity, Fat Burning Workout

Most people don’t push themselves nearly as hard as they should during their workouts. This being why many people end up hitting a plateu and stop seeing results. A greater than normal stress or load on the body is required for training adaptation to take place & in order to get the results you want. Give this high intensity workout a try…

Start with a dynamic warm-up. This should be 5-10 minutes long . Exercises such as knee-tucks, toy soldiers, lunges w/ rotation, speed squats and inchworms are all appropriate.

4×12 TRX Rows

4×12,11, 10, 9 Bulgarian Split Squats w/ Dumbells

2×400 (90s recovery)

4×20 or 10 Push Ups 

 4×12, 11, 10, 9 Step Ups w/ balance on High Box

2×400 (90s recovery between)

4×20,15, 12, 10 Stability Ball Knee Tucks
4×10 V Up’s

 NOTE: Complete all 4 sets before resting. Grab a drink & Give yourself a minute rest before you start the sprints between each circuit. You should be moving fast, but only as fast as you can to keep movements controlled so that you don’t hurt yourself.

*TRX Rows: Palms should face eachother & elbows stay close to body rather than wide.  Challenge yourself.  The more parallel to the floor you are, the more challenging it will be.

*Bulgarian Split Squats: Start with knee down and opposite foot on a bench & exhale & push up from there.  Weight should be in your heel rather than toes as you push up.  I suggest putting an airex stability pad or mat underneath your knee.

*Sprints: Should be AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Shouldn’t be able to talk or breathe much during a 400m sprint. 🙂

*Push Ups: Depending on fitness level obviously, guys should shoot for 20 & females 10

*Step Up w/ Balance: Use a high box & dumbells for added weight.  Complete all reps on 1 leg before moving to next leg.  If stepping with left leg, right leg will not touch the box at all.

*Stability Ball Knee Tucks: In a push up plank position, so hands on floor/matt & feet on stability ball.  Exhale as you tuck your knees in, making sure upper body is stable and not moving.  ONLY movement in knees coming in towards your chest.

*V ups: Lay flat on back to start, exhale as your use your core to pull yourself up so that you end on your “sit bones.”

Remember the workout is only as hard as you make it, so push yourself.  Use as much weight as you can.  Ladies, don’t be afraid of the heavier weights.  If you can use them, YOU SHOULD.  You need a greater than normal stress/load for changes to occur.

Hope you enjoy! & feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions about the exercises or just to let me know how it went! : )


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