Mantra for the Minute

Mantra: [man-truh], a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation.”

Transcend the moment.

This mantra is simple to understand if you break it down as well as a great mantra to live by. 

To transcend is to go above or beyond (a limit or expectation). The moment obviously is referring to this very moment we are in.

So spend this day and the next, and the next,  focusing on how you can transcend the moment.  How can you make the most of your hours at work, your hours in the gym, your hours at home with your family?  This could be simply finishing a project early or putting a little more focus and dedication into it.  It could be pushing yourself harder at the gym rather than letting your mind tell you there’s no way I can do this.  It could be doing that extra something special for your significant other or kids.

I suggest writing down this mantra (somewhere you can see it so you will be reminded of it) or you taking five minutes out of your day first thing  in the morning repeating it to yourself, allowing you to gain focus on how you will carry it out that day.   

There you go, make every moment your best moment.  Transcend.


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