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Quote of the Month


You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction. -George Lorimer

This is a pretty powerful quote if you ask me.  Personally, I like relating this quote to fitness goals, although it could obviously be power to drive any type of goal.  How great would it feel knowing that every night you went to bed, you were completely satisfied with the day?  Maybe it’s satisfaction from the run or the workout you had that day.  Maybe you’re satisfied with the fact that you prepared meals in advance so therefore ate very clean that day.  Whatever it is, it’s important to take a second each day to mask in that feeling of satisfaction.

If you find yourself not satisfied, why?  What didn’t get accomplished? What did you miss?  Take note of it, & change it.  You will always have those days that unfortunately won’t pan out exactly how you had wished.  How do you react to situations like that though?  Was the event that caused such dissatisfaction even in your control, making it worth being up-set about?

Everyone has their own thing that may work for them but here’s what I like to do (& it’s just an idea)…

Plan Ahead. 

Know what you’re going to do tomorrow.  Plan your workout and what time it’s going to happen.  Plan your meals.  Make a list of other things that need to get done that day so that you know they do.

I truly believe that doing this gives purpose to days, drives motivation (as well as determination) and allows for  small goals to be reached daily with the big goal always in sight as well. 


Quote of the Month



Every major accomplishment in life starts with some sort of goal.  

Put time aside in your busy schedule to do some goal setting.  I’m not talking 20 minutes.   I’m talking about sitting down for an hour, or even longer to really do some deep thinking about what you want to achieve.  This could be what you want to achieve by the end of the year, in 5 years, and even 10 years down the road.  These could be self-improvement goals, financial goals, and/or career-related goals.  They’re YOUR goals for YOUR future so they can be whatever you want them to be.  There’s no such thing as aiming too high. 

Don’t just keep these goals in your head.  WRITE THEM DOWN.  Write them down on a piece of paper & laminate it, write them down in your moleskin, write them down and post it on your bathroom mirror. Carry them with you.  Do whatever is necessary to keep these goals fresh on your mind all the time.   If you have a self-improvement goal of dropping 20 pounds by the end of the year, that constant reminder that you see on your bathroom mirror should motivate you & get you going in the morning. Be sure you set smaller goals along with the big ones too though.   It’s nice & reassuring to feel that sense of accomlishment every so often.  It makes it hard to stay focused on a goal you set for 5 years down the road when well, you have to wait 5 years to see that achievement.  This is why those smaller goals are SO important.  Small steps (small goals), lead to big leaps (those larger goals)

So take the time to sit down and really contemplate what you want out of your life.  Doing this will only fuel your furnace to achievement.